Services Detail


Preparing and Marketing Your Property

• Determine market-based rental price for your property

• Assure the property is “rent ready”

• Provide referrals to you and work with contractors and cleaning services to prep the home

• Post “For Rent” signage and provide a Realtor lock box

• Advertise as appropriate

• List on Realtor Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

• Newspaper classified advertising

• Military print and online advertising

• Web Site Marketing (Craig’s List,, and a variety of other websites)


Qualifying Tenants

Our company does the research to ensure quality renters. Our philosophy dictates that you can never be too careful about selecting your tenant. Waiting for the right tenant costs far less than cleaning up after the wrong one. To that end, we

• Examine Credit Reports for applicants and flag any issues for your consideration.

• Search Criminal and Eviction databases to prevent problem tenants.

• Investigate prior rental history and timeliness of payments

• Conduct employment and income verification

• Complete an income/expense analysis to determine the affordability of the home to the applicant


Managing the Tenant Relationship

Our company will handle day-to-day property management requirements for you, including:

• Managing all tenant questions

• Maintenance and repair issues

• Enforcing the lease

• Collecting rent

• Providing keys


Protecting Your Investment

To ensure that your property is always in top condition, our company will:

• Manage repair and maintenance issues utilizing insured contractor

• Keep repair costs on budget

• Provide detailed Tenant Move-in & Move-Out property inspections

• Negotiate rent renewals at current market rates

• Manage Home Warranties

• Ensure Fair Housing Act Compliance


Managing the Property’s Cash Flow

Our company can help manage the cash flow related to your rental property. We can:

• Maintain security deposits and accrue interest in compliance with legal requirements

• Provide monthly and annual income and expense statements with receipts for repairs

• Provide itemized records of all transactions