Are repair deductibles a good idea in your lease?


A repair deductible that is in a rental lease basically says that the tenant will pay the first $___ (fill in the blank) in repairs for anything that goes wrong in the house.  After that deductible amount, the owner will pay the rest.  There are different schools of thought on repair deductibles.   For the owner, it could be good because for small … [Read more...]

Ask The Expert – What if your home is damaged by hail?


Spring is here and with it will come rain showers and sometimes hail.  There have been many hailstorms in our area that have caused considerable damage and we always rely on the experts to educate us on what we need to know about any particular subject.  This time, we've asked Steve Gotschi, President of DryHome Roofing and Siding (one of our … [Read more...]